Martes, Oktubre 14

character c

i'm an irrational girl. i demand things. but i think like a guy. for all it's worth, thank you for putting up with me. i wouldn't put up with myself even if i'd be paid to.

Lunes, Oktubre 13

poke the penguin!

Sabado, Oktubre 11

panda and me.

we've been laughing so hard. ^__^

Sabado, Oktubre 4

moving on up

I have two jobs now. Having them will raise my net worth to around 30k a month. My mom has already told me to get an apartment.

Everything is going as fast paced as I can handle.

I'm happy about all this. I really am. But I know that certain people in my life won't be too happy to hear about these developments. Hay. I shouldn't care, but I do. I wish that they could just be happy for me. Everything is going my way and it never hurts to wish a friend well.