Miyerkules, Agosto 10


there is a river that runs deep in the heart of the earth. for centuries it has been happy in the cool bed rock. but today the river has changed its mind and changed its course. it wishes to be one with the sea, the sea out there.
the earth will not set the river free. the river pounds and pounds on the earth's crust. it cries out desperately: "set me free! i want to see the surface for myself!"
but the earth remains silent, stubborn and unyielding. it will not let the river go for secretly, it hoped that the river would flow within it forever.
but the river only wishes to be free.

the river weeps as it pounds continously on the earth. it weeps for chances it lost. it weeps for the sea that it has not seen. and it weeps because secretly, it does not want to live without the captivity. it does not want to be without the earth.

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