Huwebes, Setyembre 11

on escapism

today, i faced the day with two reading materials by my side. The Bible (a.k.a Cosmopolitan) and a fantasy book. which lead me to think about certain events unfolding in my life. for a really, really, really long while now; not much has been written on this blog that isn't (even vaguely) related to character c. with that thought in mind, i began to panic. am i loosing myself in this relationship?

panic. panic. panic.

which pretty much sums up my morning thoughts.


last night, we had birthday dinner for my mom and my aunt. beforehand, my mom gave a horrendous speech/sermon which REALLY DID HELP me get into the spirit of things. am not sure why my mother keeps on doing this to herself. it's as if the woman likes self destructing at crucial times. she notices everything. every minute detail. she cannot let things go, even for a time. that is why supposed happy ocassions (birthdays, weddings, christmas, new year's, etc) turn into major sob-fests. one cannot help but be a little annoyed. i wasn't annoyed last night though,

i was pissed.

it's her own birthday, god damn it. can't she just let things slide, even for one night? jesus h. christ. the woman is mad.

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