Miyerkules, Nobyembre 19

An Angry Taxpayer

I have always tried not to write anything political on my personal blog. I'm OC like that, my politics is usually relegated to the columns I write. But today, I can't help but be unhappy and seething.

1. I cannot believe that Jocjoc Bolante is readily taking us for fools. His story is worse than a grade schooler's explanation of a missing chocolate bar. Does he think that people will actually buy the "Malacanyang/GMA had nothing to do with the plundering? They knew not what he was doing" story?
Given, he has taken pains to look like crap (as in nakakaawa naman ang matanda..leave him alone!?) BUT LOOKING FORLORN SHOULD NEVER BE AN EXCUSE. You cannot show up and say; "hey, i'm sickish and old...please don't prosecute me for the gross injustices I did against Filipinos.." THE LAW SHOULD DEAL WITH YOU. YOU SHOULD BE PROSECUTED, YOU BASTARD. I am all for ethical treatment, but to treat Mr. Bolante as a VIP is an insult to everyone else in this country. My anger can be justified. I'm one of the millions of Filipinos whose paycheck gets hacked to pieces because of the GODDAMNED INCOME TAX. I'm part of the many who aimlessly push their carts in the grocery store because EVERYTHING IS MORE EXPENSIVE WITH RVAT AND I CANNOT GET MY PESO TO STRETCH MORE. I have every right to be mad at Mr. Bolante, he has spent and wasted tax payer's money. He should pay up, even if he has to pay up with pounds of his own flesh. I mean that literally.

2. What opposition? There is no opposition.

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