Lunes, Nobyembre 10

inasmuch as

admittedly, i've been very busy as of late. i took on two full time jobs, am moving out of my mom's, moving in with character c, etc.

that's not exactly what i want to talk about here.

lots of people i know will agree; my life is nothing short of a fantastic roller coaster adventure. there's always some goddamned exciting or emotional thing happening everyday. i think that my definition of a "normal day" is a far cry what a normal day should really be.

but then again, it's all a matter of perspective.

i can trip/have an embarrassing fall while commuting or walking round ortigas (or wherever my clumsiness strikes), be drenched in the rain, walk in a flood or forget my wallet AND STILL consider the day i had a great day. i tend to laugh everything off.

i've reached this point where anything can be funny. when i look back on the bad things that have happened, i always find something funny about them though i may still feel defensive, irate or sensitive about an issue.

everyday is just happy. i can't stay sad for too long. it takes too much effort and energy to rant and rave. i just want to stay happy.

my life is not all peachy. but i choose to cope and be positive.

that and i have an arsenal of alcohol and ciggies to back me up. nyahahahahahahaha.

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