Martes, Enero 13

Breaking Point

I don't think a lot of people have seen me stark raving mad. That's because I don't like being stark, raving mad. I often think that being angry zaps me of energy and wastes my time. However there are times when being stark raving mad is the only way to make things right.

Today is such a day.

I hate it when people think that they can abuse my kindness and generosity. I simply hate it when people I work with get this impression that I always let things slide. It's not that I'm a pushover. I just find most confrontations (or persons for that matter); a waste of my bloody time. Some spats, albeit some people are not worth my attention. Thus I have this veneer of acceptance, of blind charity.

I would have let this pass. It's been some months since I last had news of your dreary, pathetic and bug-like existence. But alas, you come back. And you come back in the slimiest form possible. You come back as a memory, a memory of someone spreading slanderous stories about me amongst my closest friends. Serves you just right that they told me straight off what you were saying about me.

My dear barnacle faced girl, did you think my friends; whom I have known for years would automatically believe you? We don't even know who you really are. In fact, if it weren't for the constraints of work, I wouldn't be caught dead within a 10 mile radius of you.


It's because I despise people like you. People who feel that by virtue of certain circumstances, they are entitled to some things. The world owes you nothing, remember that. I don't care if you have issues, I don't care if you're insecure and I don't care that you look like a mongoose. Those things are your problems. Don't drag the rest of us into your quagmire of a life. We don't owe it to you. We don't need to help you out.

After virtually making my house your personal credit/debit-free grocery store and coffee shop, after making my boyfriend your loading station and after making my close friend a virtual cash cow, you have the gall to come up with this shite. You have the gall to go around, spreading rumors. You have the gall to call me names. Most especially, you have the gall to act as if you have the moral upper hand.

Let me keep this simple: ANG KAPAL NG MUKHA MO.

Here are my wishes for you:
1. May you never get your vagina fixed (I refuse to help you out with your Vagoo issues)
2. May you never get proper fashion sense
3. May your stupid ass of a boyfriend cheat on you over and over again while you cling on to him in all your martyred glory.
4. May you never be able have a decent life.

Why do I wish you ill?
I wish you ill and I'm being merciful my dear barnacle faced girl. I am being merciful because if I did not value you as a person I WOULD HAVE WISHED YOU DEAD.

Be forewarned: never ever set foot in my house again, bitch.

2 komento:

mcluvin ayon kay ...


The first thing I ask myself after reading all this is,

"I wonder if the girl she's talking about reads this blog?"

Actually, wishing somebody dead is more merciful :)

But I applaud your mastery of writing angry!


please don't take this comment seriously. i just thought it'd make you laugh a little. :)

tish martinez ayon kay ...

hahahahaha. thanks dude. hahahahaha. i just had to let it all out, release. :D