Miyerkules, Hulyo 23

100 days

The Quiet Conquest

Strange. I could have sworn
that i did not see you
enter my secret chambers
inching your way
through these dark caverns
with only the dying embers
of my fallen cigarette to guide you.

Surreal. I could have torn
that smirk off your face that was
edging slowly into a smile
impairing all defenses
that my fortress had
with only the searing looks
of my hidden eyes.

Surrender. I could have borne
these lonesome halls alone
ever denying the sound of you footfalls
imploring me to come hither
that you may do battle for me
with only a heart
of steel to wager.

Still. You could have scorned
these pitiable treasures you found
ending your quest for this heart
icily turning away from me
that my fortress become barren
with only my disbelief
of this chance left.

Sly. You could have left by morn
these threadbare embraces i give
eclipsing a dream that was beginning
in my heart, it dared take form
that these walls be shattered
with sweet confirmations
of what we are and were

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