Lunes, Disyembre 1

now, some coherence is in order

the past weeks have been tiring, stressful and rewarding. it's been a combination of being really pissed off at something and actually being happy. but this post is about something more important.

i want to talk about the animated feature: Bolt.

yesterday, i dragged character c to watch Bolt. i realize that while most people our age were watching (or raring to at least) Twilight, we were lining up at Glorietta to watch a kiddie flick. the thing is, i've never read the Twilight books. add that to a lot of bad reviews from my friends and my love for dogs...

endpoint: we just had to watch Bolt.

admittedly, Bolt isn't as irreverent as Madagascar 2. it doesn't have a lot of slapstick in it. the great thing about it is, it actually gives you a lot of themes to work with.

i'm not giving a synopsis of the film. but i do encourage people to go and see it. i have four reasons for doing so.

1. it has a cute hamster character (the one in the ball thingy)
2. its characters (animal and human) are all round characters or at least undergo some kind of epiphany; making the film enjoyable for those who like character development that go well with the plot.
3. it explores our perceptions of reality, kindness and love.
and lastly, any dog with super powers is a winner for me.

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Roanne ayon kay ...

Dogs have only one place to go: POUND.

Of course, I'm kidding. :)