Miyerkules, Disyembre 17


Since Christmas is all about getting gifts... I decided to join the bandwagon and post the top ten items on my extensive Holiday wish list.
Though, on the back of my head I'm thinking: "It's time I gave myself some goodwill...I buy stuff for myself this year...Never mind friends who never call or pesky relatives.."
10. Notebooks, Coloring Materials and Pens
Call me old school. I still get the best results when I think with a
pen and some paper in hand. So, if you wanna go the cheap route; give me some ball point pens, pencils, notepads, post its and whatever else you can find in your local bookstore under 50 pesos. Times are hard, I don't mind cheap at all.

9. Plastic Containers and Boxes
Another sign of unavoidable aging: my compulsion to organize my stuff. While I like the appeal of a "this is not a mess, this is art!" room; sometimes it appears a little too juvenile. Call it maturity, call it OCD, call it plain twentysomething despair, quarter life crisis. I simply cannot tolerate stuff lying about anymore. You can buy these at your local bookstores, department stores and hardware shops. Is cheap, useful and I will be grateful.

8. Soap, Bath Gel, Shower Gel, Bath Salt or Body Wash
nce I like taking a bath so mu
ch. Anything that can aide my in my soapy endeavors will be much appreciated. My choices vary from drugstore bough shower gels to expensive cult brand/designer stuff. But my rule of thumb is: if it is sud-inducing, I will most likely like it.

7. A Book
I'm not very picky when it comes to books. I'd read anything just to get to the bottom of things. But I do have favorite genres. I like chick lit, history, politics, philosophy, comics and crime books. And whatev
er you do, don't even think about The Alchemist.

6. A Laptop Computer
Since I currently don't have one, I need one. Haha. This is probably the priciest item on my list. Something I don't expect on Christmas morning.

5. Stiletto Pumps
Since I wear a size 4 and a half, it's usually very hard for me to find shoes that fit. Which is a tragedy since I am secretly in love with shoes. I don't care what brand it is as long as it's my size. I just need new stilettos. Black, Red, Hot Pink and Yellow are my top picks.

4. Philosophy Purity Facial Wash and Toner

This worked miracles for me this year. I want to spend 2009 with this facial wash.

3. A new mobile phone
This is such a common item. Everyone has this on their wish lists. But I'll put it here anyway. I'm not sure what kind of phone to get so I just stick with basic stuff: great reception and user-friendly. I have my eye on this phone though, the nokia 6300.

2. A kickass journal
Contrary to popular belief, I'm actually very organized. I like scheduling things, making sure I do things on time. I'm also not scared of breaking my plans for some other worthwhile activity (but not before rescheduling other stuff). This journal suits me better than the coffeehouse ones.

number ONE: SOME PEACE AND QUIET I need a vacation.

kthnx. :D

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mcluvin ayon kay ...

i know what you mean about a vacation. I am going nucking futs haha~

just passing through, 'cause that's how I roll.

joycerica ayon kay ...

Wohoho. I like the journal. I hope I can still get one.

tish martinez ayon kay ...

true that, joyce. subalit ako'y sawi. starbucks journal pa rin ang nakuha ko.