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Your Objection Gets My Nod

A good newspaper is never nearly good enough but a lousy newspaper is a joy forever.
- Garrison Keillor
That Old 'Picayune-Moon
Harper's September 1990

I have just read a very, very, very disturbing pooled editorial by a certain group of student journalists from sorta reputable school. Now, am not one to gripe and flail around muddy uni politics and I am not about to start defending Ateneo. Mainly because I believe Ateneo is not without faults.

As a prelude to writing my "no-i-am-not-defending-Ateneo" post; I read A WHOLE LOT of reactions from Ateneans who blog, non-Ateneans who blog and even tuned in to my college friends' whole discussion on the said editorial.

Being someone who served twice on a student publication's editorial board, I can enumerate lots of reasons to be simply appalled at the editorial. But I will just stick to one.

Not for want of facts or drive or even form. I was appalled at the lack of logic. A journalist doesn't simply report and quote various sources (like wikipedia, which was apparently consulted for this editorial). A journalist is supposed to make a coherent and logical story out of all the data collected. Moreover, sifting fact from fiction from downright incoherent thought is one of the main reasons why it is imperative for journalist to have some grasp of reality and logic.

The mere fact that the editorial seemed like a distorted group of arguments with nothing connecting A to B makes it a bit taxing to read. And when it finally dawns on you what the editorial was really about (read: bitterly bashing Ateneo), you cannot decide whether to laugh it off or demand those editor's heads.

I laughed it off.

At first.

Then I told myself:

Taga Ateneo ako.

Nakaka offend nga ito.

Nakakaburat nga. Slanderous ang piece na ito. Oo, maraming mayaman sa Ateneo at oo, sanitized environment ito. Maraming elistang walang alam sa paghihirap ng Pilipinas sa Ateneo.

But still, Ateneans; though slow to the chase have usually stood their ground on pertinent issues. Is that merit enough to go to hell? Is supporting a reproductive bill unchristian?

I think not.

Christ believed in uplifting those who had none, He hung out with poorest of the poor and most importantly; He preached tolerance.

Which is why I am surprised of the lack of tolerance these supposedly Christian editors have for those who need a bill that will uphold their human right to health. I am sad to see bright minds believe that overpopulation is something that can be treated with band aid solutions (like post natal care, more health care providers, etc).

We are a nation faced with poverty and overpopulation (mainly due to the lack of resources for recreational activities)

In Filipino: pag gigil, walang makakapigil.

We need preemptive solutions to overpopulation. Corollary to that point, the RH Bill is geared towards protecting those whose pregnancies could be caused by sexual abuse or will have high risk pregnancies. Conversely, it is also for those who cannot support a child (or another child for that matter). Access to better health care and more options is a great step towards a healthier country.

To be Atenean means to become a person for others. This person will put their name and reputation on the line for what they believe is right. I am proud that some members of the Ateneo faculty gave a voice to all those who are in dire need of reproductive health care.


I don't so much mind that newspapers are dying-it's watching them commit suicide that pisses me off.
-Molly Ivins

*I also find it misleading that the statement issued by some members of the faculty are quoted and stabbed at relentlessly as the stand of the whole institution.

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