Sabado, Abril 23

jello shots

for most part of it..
it was ok...
he was going way too fast
with all the lip action, but it was ok.


hindi ako lasing nun.
hindi din sha lasing nun.
we were two rational adult beings.
and yet, we acted like teenagers on a hormonal rampage.

there was a choice there.
and at around two am this morning, i made a choice.
and i closed my eyes.
and that was that.

he moved my arm towards his neck.
i was surprised.
i was amused.
and i followed his lead.

and everyone else
in the condo.
just sat there watching.

o god. why the hell did i do that?
i didn't even really know pao.

oh kevy, im so sorry.
im sorry.
i fucked it up again.

2 komento:

Hindi-nagpakilala ayon kay ...

what are jello shots?

tish ayon kay ...

it has nothing to do with kissing a stranger...

basically, it's gelatin with an alcoholic base. it's usually made with vodka or gin. but if it's coffee jelly...then brandy or rhum is better.

hope that answers your question.