Huwebes, Abril 28

nasasaktan ako...bumalik ka rito

if you ever get to read this. know that i feel terrible about the whole ordeal. and i feel regret. deep regret. i know you may never talk to me...and you may want to annihilate me from the face of this planet...but hear me out. i know that im not as monogamous as i should i've been sorta entertaining you and such. but the thing is, i didnt expect you to stick to me. and of course, i cant stick to u all the time. i dunno. im sorry that we view relationships differently. im sorry you don't agree with how i feel. where i stand.

but please, stop ignoring me. i said i was sorry. i said i was wrong. i know what i did can't be undone. but please understand...i wasn't playing you for a fool. i was being my happy self.

please come back.

i miss u.

i lost someone important to me today. director punongbayan passed away today. he was my dad's mentor when my dad was still studying geology in UP. i got to meet him in the DOST caravan thingy...and he was telling me all sorts of stories about my dad. this indeed, is a sad day.

i sad. im productive. outwardly, im happy...chipper. but missing too many people. oh, and supposedly, ren and i would have been half a decade last sunday. shet.

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third ayon kay ...

you can't keep hurting people and driving them away with the stuff that you do and expect them to feel ok, forget about what's happened, and accept your apology whenever you deem it fit and necessary, girl.

it doesn't work that way.

it's true, you see relationships from different standpoints. which is exactly why you should also try to understand why other people react to the stuff you do or to the things that go on in your life.

i wasn't gonna say anything but i couldn't help it. if you expect whoever to come back, you gotta start wanting that person back for real and not just when it suits you.

there's a term for that. it ain't pretty, believe me.

i've told you once, but i'll say it again despite the fact that i hate repeating myself...

i think you're really smart but for someone so smart, more often than not, you act really stupid.