Lunes, Abril 4

cigarette butts

i know that what we have itsn't ideal at all. and i never thought it would become ideal. so why o why do you want it to be ideal???

i don't get it. i thought you liked things as they are. i liked them. why the hell do you want to change whatever we have? you knew where i was coming knew the whole story. you knew i wasn't ready for anything other than what i could offer you. i made that clear from the very beginning. and i don't want to talk about changing anything. i like things as they are. please stop trying to make me change my mind. i liked you enough to make out with you...don't ask me to commit. please. a commitment is the last thing i need now. i have too many things to do.

and stop implying that you can't trust me because im not chinese. race was never an issue between us before. why should it matter now? is it because now you think there could be something more?

im telling you. i just can't do it. i care enough to be honest with you. and i can't do what you want me to do. i can't think the way you want me to think. we never agreed on everything. stop trying to make me agree to every goddamned word you say. it won't work. im my own person. just stop this nonesense.

goddammit...and i thought things would be better with you.

putang ina.

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