Biyernes, Abril 8


things are going to be normal.


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Hindi-nagpakilala ayon kay ...

face it.
things aren't going as planned. so what?do you honestly want to know what i think?why i've been telling you these things all along? you know, it's weird that you've been ignoring me.ignoring my texts, my calls, my IMs...everything...because there was a time you never did. even when you were in love with that bastard from Xavier (im sorry, i always say that, don't i?) you never ever ignored me.and as much as i want to say that things will be normal, they won't. i read the things you put in your LJ. so, you never want to see me again? so be it.although im not switching schools for you. keep in mind though, that i said those things because i was too much of a coward to say what i really meant. and that was that i loved you from the start. never mind him, who needs him? how about me? take care. have a great life. and i hope someday he sees what i've seen in you all throughout history class.and never mind that anyone who chances upon your blog sees this. because from what you've told me, this blog is a well kept secret.