Martes, Marso 29


i can't help but see him differently now.

^_^ sana hindi mo malaman na linagay ko pa dito ito.


Unity is the beginning, success is the ending.
Though our ordeals are hard,
let patience be our guide.
For our hopes are high,
and the time is nigh.

Let it be known to all that Cadet Probationary 2nd Lieutenants Pineda and Rodriguez have undergone the COCC training this summer, and have successfully finished it. As such, they now hold the rank Cadet 2nd Lieutenant (Kadete Pulimagat), and enjoy all the privilages befitting their Commissioned Officer status.

I planned to call an officers' meeting before 01 April, but the personnel officer informed me that some officers are on vacation; thus, I will utilize this mailing group instead.As I have said in the past, I will be leaving projects to be done this summer vacation - Website, Officer's Manual, Corps Magazine, Inter-ROTC Rifle Drill Competition, and Inter-CAT Rifle Drill Competion. These projects are very dear to me, for it will show people that the Ateneo ROTC is alive and kicking, adaptive to change, and is not limited to "field duties" only. I instructed my staff, under the supervision of the Office of the Chief of Staff, to use all possible means to accomplish these missions.

I repeat, all possible means.C/2Lt Rodriguez will be heading the website construction and maintenance.The Office of the Chief of Staff will author the Officer's Manual.C/Maj Miranda will handle the production of the Corps Magazine.The Office of the Chief of Staff will head the planning of the Inter-ROTC and Inter-CAT/CAdT/CMT Rifle Drill Competitions.C/2Lt Pineda is in charge of the Marketing aspect of these projects.

I am pleased that some officers have showed their enthusiasm, initiative, dependability, loyalty, unity, and dedication by volunteering their time and effort to help in these projects.

Keep in mind that we are officers of the Ateneo ROTC. We have trained, endured trials and tribulations, and swore to uphold the honor and pride of OUR corps. Therefore, for all other officers who have not yet rendered their services, review your codes and the oaths you have taken.Our institution represents the noble traditions of Honor, Excellence and Loyalty.

Let us show these to others by uniting and showing our united strengths, especially to those who continuously attack and detract our corps. Let us show them what we can do.

"Probably the greatest thing in the world is doing something other people say you cannot do."

Esprit de Corps (Spirit of the Group)
Esprit de Corps is that inborn sentiment of courage,
of loyalty, and of duty
because of our pride in our country, our units,
and in ourselves.

Ad astra per aspera


waaahhh...mahal na kita ulet...bwahahahaha!!

joke lang.

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sira ulo ka talaga kahit kailan! pero mas mabuti nang ganyan kaysa umiiyak ka habang naka-duty. gago ka, nakita kita nun. nasa likod mo lang ako nun.pano kung may nakakita sa iyong lower class? ano na lang sasabihin nila? hindi ka nila rerespetuhin sa ganoong paraan.

remember your oaths as well as your comrades. and of course, the immaculates. meaning the first class.hek hek.

anong gusto mong pasalubong? plano ko dalhan lahat ng 2nd at 1st class. pero ikaw? may special request ka ba?

ingat sa pupuntahan mo. sana malamig dun.

tatag lang. kaya mo yan.

-ako ulit, walang magawa

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