Biyernes, Abril 11


my yellow handbag being carried. a hospital. an elephant. a head on a shoulder.

and the choices we make between conversations.
i know. i've told myself to let go. i've convinced myself that even if i can get what i want without making myself look bad, i will still not go and get what i want. i know that even if people think that i have done nothing wrong, i will know deep in my heart that i did; in fact, do something wrong. something hurtful.

and i've chosen to let him go. it's the only way for now.

and it is exactly, exactly how i feel. i'm letting you go now. you were the easier route, i know. the convenient route. i've asked myself if i'm settling by doing this, why i try so hard at one relationship when something easier and better is right within reach. i keep asking myself if i really should let you go. but you said so yourself, you do want to go.

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