Huwebes, Abril 17

okay, okay.

"all i really want to say
you're the reason i want to stay
but destiny is calling...
don't change, your plans for me..."

we've been talking. and we have discovered a facet of our sexual desires...he likes getting hurt, i like hurting others. hahaha. we're going at it again later, to see where all this leads. and if we never get anywhere plausible in the future, i will be happy we had these moments.

sabi ko naman sa iyo, hindi ako takot mawalan. hindi ako takot, pakawalan ka.

we both belong to different people. that being said, even from the very beginning...this affair was doomed to fail. and yet, the most beautiful things are those things which are doomed. i read that somewhere, but i can't find it now. anyways, i'm pretty happy about our status. i think the moment i liked you best so far was when i toasted to us: "para sa mga hindi mabubuking!"

hahahaha. i will thank you, someday. thank you properly.

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