Martes, Enero 25

it will be alright

it's good that i have friends. and they understand me...i am grateful to have friends like that. it's one thing to love someone..and it's a completely different thing to sacrifice yourself for the happiness of that person.

in utter brutal honesty, gusto ko kayo magkaayos.ayaw ko na confused ka about how you feel. i know that she isn't being the best person right now, but take this as an opportunity to prove your sincerity. c'mon dear, you went to her house. i know that. you didn't tell me but i knew. i think it's only fair to her that you keep those promises you made. and i don't want her to get hurt...even if it does mean that i'd be reeling in pain for the next few months. i'd rather get hurt that see someone else get hurt because of me. and i know that deep inside of you...YOU LOVE HER...NOT ME.accepted na 'yon e. at dahil mahal kita, handa akong masaktan para sa iyo.

you're the only person who can read this blog. and i hope that you get to read this in time. oo nga, mahal na mahal kita...pero hindi ako makasarili. im not selfish. at least i try not to be when it really matters. and i hope you know that nothing will change between us. i'd still be your friend and your ally. and i'd support every decision that you'll make. even it means that i'd be stabbing myself (figuratively) in the process. it's because i'd rather see you with someone else than you be with me and that someone else getting hurt. at alam ko rin na second choice mo lang ako. ayos lang yun. pero i'd rather not be an option. you made your choice when you fell in love with her.magkakagulo lang kung piliin mo ako. and personally, i think that hindi mo kaya ipagtanggol ang sarili mo at ako kung piliin mo ako. serious ako dun.

oo nasasaktan ako sa lahat ng nangyari. pero hindi pa rin dahilan iyon para ipagpilitan ko ang sarili ko sa iyo. i'll be content to love you. just love you.

ayan e..drama nanaman.

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