Sabado, Enero 22

mga bagay na kailangan pag-isipan

gestern starb ich schon heute

nakakaaliw naman ang phrase na yan. "yesterday i died today" ang labo if you think about it, pero i think that's what i've been doing for most part of my life. i've been killing myself way before my time. i grew up way before my time. i got beaten up by ex when i should have been enjoying my life.

in short, too many things have happened in my life.

and im only 18, for christssake's!

and things have been increasingly faster as of late.

anyways, i want to say some thank you's...
  • thank you kristel for being my best friend and seeing me through the difficult times of my life.
  • thank you makers of "american beauty" and "american history x" for showing me where im headed at this rate.
  • thank you love for the relationship that will be ending pretty soon.
  • thank you benevolent spirit for reminding me that no matter what life throws at me, there is no need to be afraid.
  • thank you jason for loving me and how human i can be. know that even if our journey as a couple is ending, i will always be here for you and i do love you. and i just want to be fair to both of us.
  • thank you jesus for giving up the glory of heaven in exchange for the shame of the cross.
  • thank you past boy friends. especially YOU jr, for making me less "tanga" and YOU ren for helping differentiate between liar, pathological liar at complete asshole.
  • and thank you to pain, for making me stronger. ika nga sa kill bill: "what doesn't kill you will only make you stronger."

ayun. ayos.

timo...kung makikita mo ito, stalker ka!! hehe.. joke lang

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