Linggo, Marso 27

plebe knowledge

i got the plebe knowledge thingies today. im in for a lot of work.


it's funny when you know someone's just pretending to be offline and you're pretending to be offline yourself. it's funny because it's sad. it's sad because we've built so many walls between us. and we've both burned our bridges. talking to you this afternoon made me realize how much farther you've backed off. it was father than i thought.

and that hurts.

although, im through with the ranting for now; im still musing about the whole thing. i see no point in ranting about things that cannot be changed. the choices you made were yours and it's just odd that i too have to live with your decisions. im not the type who runs away from whatever is at hand. i never really believed in running away, since i'd still be the same person wherever i go.

and i miss you, i really do.

and i've been counting my days from that moment in gonzaga when you walked away. and no matter what you say, you did walk out on me. not that i take it against's just how it felt then and how it feels now.

i have no regrets.

i never regretted loving you. and i never regretted lashing out on you that night when i got out of your car. i don't regret getting it on with you, i don't regret getting hurt and crying over you. and i don't regret looking utterly stupid because i loved you.

these were my choices, i made them. and when you choose something it means you had some spine in you to think for yourself. and so therefore, i cannot regret my choices.

i hope all goes well in your life. rest assured, im not miserable...i never did deserve to be miserable.

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Hindi-nagpakilala ayon kay ...

tanga lang ang magmamahal sa ganyang klaseng tao. inoobserbahan ko mga kilos mo at mga ginagawa mo. kumpleto ka na sa sarili mo, hindi mo siya kailangan.

if he is the only excuse you have to get hurt, then it's not worth it. putang ina, hindi ka dapat sinasaktan ng gagong yan. at tandaan mo, first and foremost you are an officer. second class ka na...a weak spot SHOULD never exist. at tandaan mo will throw at u tribulations of every kind, but you must hold your head high.

makita ko lang kasama mo yang lalaking iyan sa ateneo, sasapakin ko talaga, tandaan mo yan.


-kilala mo na ako.

Hindi-nagpakilala ayon kay ...
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