Lunes, Mayo 26


i was so goddamned drunk last night, character c had to pick me up. i was really, really stark raving drunk. he really, really had to take care of me then. he had to rock me to sleep, clothe me and put me to bed. i was so bloody out of it last night that i couldn't even count.

weekend gave me some points of clarity.

1. i do, i do love character c.
2. he keeps on choosing character b, goddamned it.
3. if he doesn't give me a straight answer by the next weekend, i will fucking whoop his ass.
4. i want to be with him but i won't lower my pride.
5. he won't lower his pride either.

this is going nowhere. this is going absolutely nowhere.

yesterday morning, he was here. he now holds the distinction of being the only boy that i took into my own bed. i've never brought anyone into my room, let alone have some guy naked on my bed. but now he owns the distinction as my first.

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