Linggo, Mayo 18

general discontent

here i am. i just got home from seeing him. and i feel like i'm flinging myself at him.

pakiramdam ko, pinagpipilitan ko lang sarili ko sa kanya.

how much more do i have to give, before i finally break? how much time do you need, character c? how much time before you get over yourself and admit why:

1. you go crazy jealous with the thought of me getting it on/going out with someone else
2. you sneak out of the house and give your mom excuses just to see me
3. you want me to move to the country you're moving to
4. you want to have a kid/s with me
5. you told your mother about me (and the pregnant story)

now, if these are not the actions of someone truly in love...i will never be able to tell what love is.

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