Sabado, Mayo 24


i spent most of yesterday at character c's house. i met most of his family too. it was fun. they fed me till i couldn't breathe. his family is warm, chatty and forthcoming. not at all like mine. mine is just cold and disdainful towards most of my boys. i do wonder though, what they think of per my reasons for being there in the first place. but i like them. i noticed that they do get into each other's business a little too much. then again, that's the case for practically all of the families in this little country.

i'm still wondering though. do they think character c and i have a thing going on? more importantly, do they feel that we have something going on?

i think at some points, they saw us holding hands and such. character c did kiss me when no one was looking. that was nice. i didn't really expect that.

something happened when i left though. i was hugging character c goodbye...

me: i love you
him: i...salamat

hay. jesus h. christ. sayang.

i'll see him again tomorrow. this time, he'll be coming over to my house. sana hindi kami mahuli. hahahahaha.

him: mukhang ok sa kanila (his family) ah!
me: parang ok naman
him: ganun talaga. pag mahal ng isa, tanggap ng lahat.

ibig sabihin ba nito, mahal niya rin ako? o general statement lang yun. but then again, as my friend **** would said:

tae, hindi ka ipapakilala kung di ka mahal. walang tangang gagawa nun.

maybe he does love me and he's just afraid of saying so. it's confusing because i keep waiting for him to tell me but he just doesn't. he likes resisting me. he has a conscious crusade to resist me, goddamn him.

when this absurd set up end? for the love of god, we're perpetually hanging by a thread. we're almost there but not quite. i really can't stand it for much longer.

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